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Newcastle fan gets 3-year ban from all UK stadiums for racist salute

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Written by Brigit Adongo

A Newcastle fan found himself on the wrong side of the law when there was a public outcry for justice after his Nazi salute to Tottenham fans during their match at St James Park last year.

The 24-year old ex-soldier’s gesture is not just racist but offensive, especially considering the Spurs’ large Jewish following’s (and other Jews’) history with the “Hitler Salute”.

Shay Asher faced one of the strictest actions against racism in recent sports history 10 months after his offense, thanks to Newcastle United’s cooperation with the local police in investigations.

Although he surrendered himself to the police after the action, the perpetrator was later fined 319 pounds after pleading guilty this April, followed by an even heavier punishment three months later.

At the further hearing on July 19th, the court literally banned the guilty Asher from watching football in person for the next three years.

He will not attend any regulated football matches in England, starting from the EPL down to all national leagues, and neither will the Magpies fan attend England’s home or away football matches of any kind.

The ban impressed Gillian Beecroft, a directive inspector, who insisted that any crime of hate “will not be tolerated” and thought it important “to bring effective justice against” misbehaving fans like Asher.

This ban takes effect immediately, and hopefully it will send a warning to other people with similar tendencies.

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