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Postecoglou has staff changes in mind as he aims for “sustainable success”

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Written by Kerry Mayodi

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has revealed that he will reorganize his staff in order to continue the progress that he has going for the club since arriving in the summer. 

Postecoglou was relatively unknown to the supporters before his arrival but quality football and his superb personality has drawn a lot of positivity from players, fans and staff towards the manager.

The Australian has said that he will work with the club to implement something new that will achieve sustainable success. Postecoglou is however aware that this might take some time.

“We’ll start working on the structure off the field in terms of our staffing and how we do things, which is good.

“I want to build something that’s going to be a sustainable success.

“It’s going to take a little time but we’re chipping away at it.”

The 56-year-old arrived to take up role as head coach but the Australian arrived alone, incorporating the staff present at the time to his workforce.

Postecoglou gets along well with the other coaches but perhaps having some of his own people will boost his performance. Like any other manager, he should enjoy autonomy over who to work with.

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