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Speaking to Go Radio, former Norwich City coach Peter Grant acknowledged that he has “concerns” regarding Todd Cantwell’s mentality as Rangers continue to consider a deal that would see the Championship misfit come north to Ibrox.

The pressure cooker climate of living in the Glasgow goldfish bowl is not for everyone. After all, bigger and more seasoned figures than Cantwell have struggled in Scotland due to crushing expectation and the voracious need for nearly continual success.

Grant’s worries about Cantwell, 24, have less to do with his skill than with his temperament as the 24-year-old is currently experiencing a stunning fall from grace; a player estimated at £40 million around 18 months ago now occupies a virtually permanent spot on the Carrow Road substitutes bench.

“Todd is one of these kids I’ve known for a long time,” says two-time Scotland international Grant, who’s son Raymond played with Cantwell in yellow-and-green.

“My concern would be if he handle the criticism when things are not going particularly well. That was one thing I thought was his weakness at Norwich.

“He had some terrific games and worked hard for his team. He’s a very good footballer there is no getting away from it. He has got the talent. There is no question about the quality. (But) it’s the other parts of it.

“Coming to a Celtic or a Rangers is a completely different thing. Can you handle it daily, 24/7?”

The Athletic reports that Cantwell, who made a strong impression in his Premier League debut season, swaggered and strolled his way into the radars of Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur during the 2019–20 campaign.

Norwich may be lucky to receive even 10% of that once-eye-watering £40 million price tag now that his contract is coming to an end. Last week, Blackburn Rovers had a bid rejected. Sky Sports reports that Mick Beale’s revitalised Rangers are currently in front of the line.

“He’s a player with a lot of ability,” Beale said when asked about Cantwell (Rangers TV). “And there will be a lot of interest in him. He is a player that I like a lot. I said last week that I can’t really say much more than that, but you’re not far off the track for what you are all insinuating (that Rangers want to sign him).”

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