Red Bull have lodged a petition with the FIA following the controversial crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The incident led to Hamilton getting a 10-second penalty after Verstappen was sent crashing into the barriers at 180mph. Hamilton went on to win the race after a brilliant drive that saw him overtake Leclerc who was the racing leader in the last laps.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull boss was not happy about the incident and the 10 seconds penalty Hamilton got insisting Hamilton was 100% at fault and should have gotten a harsher penalty.

The case was presented to the governing body FIA which issued summons to both Red Bull and Mercedes. The teams are to present their cases via video link at 1600 CEST on Thursday at the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. The meeting is to be attended by the team managers from each squad with up to two representatives for each team.

The FIA sporting code on reviews states,” significant and relevant new elements discovered which were unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned, a review of the decision is permitted.”

Red Bull has to present new evidence to the stewards to persuade them to open an investigation on the incident. If the stewards deem the evidence as not strong enough their decision will stand. F1 is a highly competitive sport with tactics like this not uncommon as teams try to outdo each other. Red Bull are on top of the F1 standings and a win at Silverstone would have cemented further their chances of winning the title this year.

Hamilton having won Silverstone has now reduced the deficit to 8 points.
This season is set to be an epic race between the two race leaders and after the incident in Silverstone, the Hungarian Grand Prix will be more intense with the two battling out for the win.