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Rival fan’s tweet about Kyogo sets the internet ablaze

Rival fan’s tweet bout Kyogo sets the internet ablaze
Written by Brigit Adongo

Celtic’s Europa League hopes were revived after yesterday’s 2-0 home win against Ferencvaros, thanks to Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal and an own goal.

After playing a major part in the win, just like he has done several times this season, the Japanese received praise all over, especially on the internet. 

But one of those who applauded him was a fan of their rival club Ranger’s fan, who thought Kyogo was better than their own Alfredo Morelos. The fan, going by the name “@andybearz said “Furuhashi is twice the striker Morelos is.”

Well, that “blew” the internet apart. Most Celtic fans obviously agreed with him, but Ranger’s supporters were quick to criticize, some terming him a fake fan who should leave Ibrox ASAP.

One fan, in particular, advised Andy to differentiate between quality and form, insinuating that Morelos was a way better quality player as he had scored close to 100 goals, while Kyogo was only in good form currently. 

But a Celtic fan came to Andy’s defense, saying that Morelos wasn’t half as good as Rangers’ fans thought he was, or he would have been “taken.”

In a battle between the two sides’ supporters, some regarded Morelos as the best striker in Scotland who’s just being used wrongly, some said Kyogo is better as he is doing great despite just arriving at Celtic, while one even stated it was a normal occurrence for Morelos to struggle with the form before getting on track.

A supporter by the name CraigB cheekily called Andy a fake fan, while Shredder thought Furuhashi only had more goals because Morelos is out. 

Facts speak for themselves though, and Morelos has 5 goals in 15 matches while Kyogo has 9 in 13, so it’s either the Rangers striker really takes long to get into shape, or Andy is right and the Celtic one is better.

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