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Rosberg thinks Hamilton will win this year’s title against impressive Verstappen

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Written by Brigit Adongo

The 2016 F1 champion, Nico Rosberg, thinks his former teammate Lewis Hamilton will have a comeback and win this year’s championship despite trailing the current leader by a dozen points.

With five races left before the championship ends, unlike last year when the winner had already been determined at this stage, the championship is still a two-horse race and none of the top two drivers is resigned to lose.

Some (or perhaps most) people are bidding for the current leader after Lewis’ defeat in the USA. However, Rosberg, to whom Hamilton last lost a title, believes that the Briton’s experience will give him an advantage, and ultimately the 2021 title over his rival.

“I just think that Lewis, with his experience, is still going to pull it his way at the very end,” Nico said to Sky Sports.

The German-Finn isn’t writing off Verstappen though, as he admitted that the Dutchman is in great form. “…and Verstappen is really in unbelievable form at the moment,” said Nico, who backed up his claim that Lewis will win by the fact that Max hasn’t been in such a situation before.

According to Rosberg, the current leader is under more pressure than the defending champion, as the former has a lot to consider. “It’s your dream that is at stake… you don’t know if Red Bull is still going to be a fast car… there’s a lot at stake…the pressure is on Max,”the 2016 champ reasoned.

With their next race just around the corner, the two will be seeking nothing but maximum points, so Rosberg and the rest of the world can only wait to see how things play out.

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