As a result of John Needham’s displeasure with Celtic’s present allocation in Paisley, the St Mirren chairman is considering a reduction to over 1,600 seats.

In this season’s visit to the SMiSA Stadium, the Hoops fans were assigned the North and South stands.

As a result, about 3300 Celtic fans were allowed entry to the stadium for the 0-0 tie in December.

Likewise, St Mirren’s choice to drop Rangers at the season’s outset applies to them.

At first, the decision was made due to the fact that the Premiership club had received a significant cash infusion.

However, St Mirren’s chairman has grown dissatisfied with the agreement. As quoted by the Scottish Sun, he said:

“A number of members asked about the situation with the Old Firm fans being given the Tony Fitzpatrick Stand and what the club’s stance on it will be going forward. John Needham replied that he is as unhappy about that scenario as any supporter and is currently chairing a working group who have been examining alternative ways to recoup that revenue if the decision is taken to only give Celtic and Rangers one stand in future seasons.

“The working group is expected to deliver their recommendations in the coming days. John admits the club may need to take a financial hit in the short term but appreciates it has become a “toxic” matter in the eyes of many supporters and so it is about arriving at the best possible solution to a difficult problem.”