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To not stain his F1 achievements, Hamilton wants to always drive clean

To not stain his F1 achievements, Hamilton wants to always drive clean
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The F1 season is coming to an end, and with two races remaining, the battle for top sport becomes more difficult with each race.It can be assumed that while some drivers want to race cleanly and fairly, some would do anything (as long as it doesn’t guarantee a disqualification) to fend off opposition.

On various occasions this year, the defending champion was almost rammed into or pushed off the track by his Red Bull opponent, but gave way to avoid the clash. In the recent Brazilian Grand Prix, though, Lewis literally went off track with a push from Verstappen, fueling the two’s already tense relationship.

Such occurrences are normal between racing rivals, but the seven-time champion isn’t willing to take part. Stressing that he wants to win everything fairly, the 36-year old attributed his decision to his father’s teachings. “It’s just how my father raised me…to beat them the right way…” Lewis stated.

The Briton thinks that winning uncontroversially will make him a better driver, so that’s what he’ll go for. “Then there is no denying that you’re better…I want to be the purest of drivers…so there’s no denying at the end what I’ve accomplished.

Chasing his eighth championship, Hamilton said he has to always be guarded against Max and expect the worst. “You have to be very, very wary…So that’s what I’ve just tried to do…to make sure I avoid the collision,” the 2020 champion said.

To Hamilton, people behave the way they were raised, so understanding that is key. “Our upbringing is why we…behave the way we do. So, I try to understand those.” Lewis thinks backing down at times is sensible, not a weakness, and he won’t be as uninhibited as younger drivers who are used to going over the limit.


Written by Brigit Adongo

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