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Verstappen talks about his relationship with Hamilton

‘There shouldn’t be a ‘Max doesn’t deserve it’ side’
Written by Brigit Adongo

This season is without a doubt one of the most competitive and closely contested in F1 history. The biggest rivals, Hamilton and Verstappen, who are 12 points and 7 championships apart, seek to get the better of each other every time they are on track.

Sometimes, such tough competition brings about the closest of friendships, but most times, it’s a rivalry that can strain how competitors relate both on and off track.

A few weeks back, when asked about their relationship, Hamilton said there hadn’t been much change if any. On the other hand, Verstappen recently revealed that there definitely was some tension, no matter how slight.

The 24-year-old Dutchman admits that he and the 7-time champion are on good terms and maintain good relations as competitors, but things get tense sometimes.

“…It is good. I mean the relationship is that of competitors….There have been tense moments, but overall it has been good,” stated Max, who currently holds a 12 point advantage over the Briton.

This year, Max will race for Red Bull in search of his first championship, while Hamilton is aiming to set a record for the most championship wins (8) in F1 history. Every time they get behind their wheels, therefore, the two bring their best, and since only one can win, there’s bound to be some ruffling of feathers.

Even though he admits that he and Lewis feel on edge around each other at times, Max said there’s still respect between them off-track. “…we always try to beat each other in the race, but we also try to respect each other outside.” He stated.

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