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West Ham urged to drop Kurt Zouma for kicking his cat

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Written by Quincy Charles

The shocking footage of Kurt Zouma kicking and slapping a cat has been dubbed “sickening, pathetic, and bullying,” and West Ham has been asked to drop the centre-back as a result.

After the frightening video of his pet’s awful treatment leaked online, Zouma was compelled to apologize, while laughter could be clearly heard.

Following the release of the video, West Ham issued a stern statement condemning the 27-year-old’s behavior while the defender expressed his regret.

The RSPCA also acknowledged in a statement that they are looking into the footballer’s allegations. The Met Police, however, has opted not to investigate the footage, according to sources.

Former Rangers and Scotland striker Ally McCoist said: “It was sickening, it was pathetic, it was bullying of the extreme. It again tarnished the image of professional footballers.

“It was embarrassing and shocking and horrible at the same time. It was all of those things.

“To commit and do the things he did is the most horrendous of crimes, however to film it and put it out.

“If you are talking about gross stupidity, I don’t know what level you are talking about there.”

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