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Why Giants and Dodgers rivalry easily surpasses others in baseball

Why Giants and Dodgers rivalry easily surpasses others in baseball
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The rivalry between opponents in sports is a common occurrence, and most times, or perhaps always, a showdown between rivals is the most anticipated one where fans await thrilling matches, races or meet-ups.

From football between countries and clubs to car racing between brands and drivers, all the way to tennis, basketball, and…baseball. When it comes to baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants are arguably the best rivals, and there are countless reasons to think so.

Spanning over almost a century and a half, the two sides have had heated and entertaining showdowns from their first meeting in May 1890 to date. And to keep the rivalry fire burning, both teams moved from their New York base to California.

Their competition is considered the greatest in the sport’s history because both teams have been in the game for over a century, making their opposition grow from a fight between cities to a state.

The two sides won the most pennants in MLB history, the Giants losing out by one with 23 against the Dodgers’ 24. When it comes to World Series titles, the Giants lead by one, as they have eight while the Dodgers have seven.

In regular-season series, the Giants have 22 more than the Dodgers, with the sides garnering 1269 and 1247 respectively. They ended two seasons (1951 and 1962) tied in the first place and the winner (Giants both times) had to be determined from the tie-breaker series.

Their largest victories differ by a single run, 18 (1993, 1938, 1944) to 17 (2014) in favour of the Giants, while the Dodgers surpass them in National League West wins, as they have 19 against the Giants’ 9.

This rivalry now has a new face as they meet in the postseason for the first time. With how narrowly each beats the other in various categories, their competitiveness is probably the best to ever be seen, and fans await a good show for three days starting tomorrow.


Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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